Digital Signature

What is Digital Signature?

Digital signature certificate (DSC) are digital conversion of paper certificates like ID proof, address proof and other contact details of a certificate holder. Before the digital era there was a requirement of many physical paper certificates to show the person’s identity. In India many departments like EPF, E- tendering, Income Tax, DGFT, has made digital signature certificate as a compulsory requirement for online form filling. Minimum validity of digital signature (DSC) is 1 year and the maximum is 2 years.

Why Digital Signature Certificate Required?

Usually physical/hard copy form submission takes a lot of time to reach its destination to overcome lots of paper wastes and time delay online form introduced. To maintain authentic user integrate there was a need of digital and secure identity. Digital signature certificate became the correct solution for these needs.

Who is Digital Signature Certificate issuing authority?

Controller of certifying authority (CCA) a department of government India has appointed some certifying authority for DSC. Certifying authority again re-certified there registration authority to issue a digital signature certificate (DSC) to their clients or end user.